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Hi, I’m Maria! From Pharmacist, to Entrepreneur, to Author and Business Mentor.

My Story

I started my career as a pharmacist because I love helping people heal. I attended Florida A&M University and became a licensed pharmacist in both Florida and New Jersey almost three decades ago.

It fulfilled me because it gave me a deep understanding of people’s needs. But eventually I wanted more.

And I got it.

I became a business executive in one of Fortune 500’s third biggest healthcare companies- Walgreens Pharmacies. I rose to the top of my industry, earning countless awards, including achieving the highest increase in profit for the South Florida market and the highest dollar amount in profit in 2011 and 2013.

I share this with you not for bragging rights, but because on paper this should’ve made me happy and fulfilled.

But I wasn’t.

Because I had stopped helping people – the whole reason I went into the pharmacy profession in the first place!

Through becoming an entrepreneur, several times over in fact, I learned that being a business owner is about serving others over me. I consider myself a serial entrepreneur – launching several successful businesses over the years.

My Approach

Today – my mission is to mentor and coach entrepreneurs with my Rx for Personal Breakthrough courses, webinars, and live events programs, helping business owners like you identify the problems that may be keeping your business from growing, and creating solutions that really work. I bring three decades of business experience and proven track record of success. I am quickly able to quickly identify the problems that may be keeping your business from growing and create a solution that delivers effective and timely results

My e-book, Powerful Women In The Modern World, identifies the steps women entrepreneurs need to take to launch successful businesses.

Enough about me – I want to hear from you.

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