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VIDEO #1. Is Having A Website Important?

Hi my name is Maria Lecuyer. And today, I want to talk about a topic that is important for business success. And the question is should I have a website? And the answer is yes.


VIDEO #2. One Of The Reasons Why I Left Corporate America

Hello. My name is Maria Lecuyer, and today I want to talk about one of the reasons that I left my corporate job. And it was to have the flexibility with my schedule and have the freedom to do the things that I love and for me, that was traveling..


VIDEO #3. Transition From Corporate To Entrepreneur

Hello. My name is Maria Lecuyer. And today I want to talk about one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn about being an entrepreneur, and that is that I had no one to delegate to. I looked around and there was no one there, no admin, no employees, and all of a sudden I felt very alone..


VIDEO #4. When Should I Hire?

So when is the right time to hire extra help? When you're spending more time doing administrative work rather than work on projects and things that will increase your sales, then it's time to delegate or hire someone to help you, especially if you're doing tasks that you do not even enjoy and that someone else can do quicker and better.


VIDEO #5. Technology For Brick And Mortar

As a business manager, one of the roles that I do is to help my clients feel better and more comfortable with technology. Let's face it, we need to evolve. We have to stay in tune with what's happening in our environment, our world around us..


VIDEO #6. Mastermind Groups

One of my favorite programs that I offer is the MasterMind group, and I really love to do these groups. We get to work together with like minded individuals all for the same goal, is to make more profit. In this group, it's a small group of eight to 10 people max, and we help each other.
We discuss topics like profit and loss statements..


VIDEO #7. The Right Mindset For Your Business

Mindset to me is having the right thoughts in my subconscious. Having positive thoughts. Having a feeling of joy, my indicator that I have the right mindset is the way I feel today..


VIDEO #8. Why Are Brick And Mortar Going Out Of Business

When a business is struggling in profits, you have to look at different factors. One is sales. The other one is employee issues. We could have internal or external thefts, and that will cause shrink. The business owner needs to react. He needs to stop that trend. He needs to stop it from bleeding..


VIDEO #9. What Is Prescription Of Personal For Breakthrough?

Prescription for personal breakthrough is the program that I created, and it's for my clients to do an assessment on their mindset before we start working together on the business. So, I basically overlook and do a diagnosis, and I provide a treatment for whatever that is..


VIDEO #10. Am I The Right Speaker For Your Event?

Often I'm asked to speak in front of group. Depending on what is my audience, I sort of target my speech, or my tips, based on my audience. Bottom line is, I'm a business entrepreneur. I'm focused on profitability..


VIDEO #11. 360 Video

Maria LeCuyer – Trained as a pharmacist, a former pharmaceutical executive with over 30 years of business experience in one of Fortune 500's -10 biggest health-care companies to work for..


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