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Here’s what you’ll learn from this book …

How I achieved whatever I wanted out of life!

How I went from a divorced, single Mom, to building multiple successful businesses.

10 habits of success that I still live by today.

Helping You Find Success

Increase Your Revenue Stream
As A Solopreneur


In this workshop,
you will…

Define and learn how to find your ideal client!

Get clear on exactly what you are selling and how to price it with a significant margin for profit!

Learn several alternative marketing strategies to make you stand out in your sea of competitors!

Find out how to use automation and put systems in place to make your business run smoothly!

Helping You Find Success

How to Start a Profitable Business That You Love Without Leaving Your Job


What You Will Learn From This Webinar:

In 3 Simple Steps, You Can Finally Know That Your Business Will Be Profitable

I’ll Share With You The Prescription To Overcome Excusitis “The Disease Of Excuses”

There Are Mistakes You MUST Avoid To Build A Profitable Business

Helping You Find Success

RX for Personal Breakthrough™ for startup business online course


I will take you by the hand and teach you how to:

Start Your Business

Grow Your Business

Be Profitable in 12 Months

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