The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs: 3 Reasons Why

According to Inc. Magazine, female entrepreneurship is on the rise. The growth has been slow, but steady. It’s an exciting time to be a woman entering the world of entrepreneurship and here’s why:

Women Are Natural Entrepreneurs

 Entrepreneurship in the digital age requires high-level communications skills. Many studies have shown that women have an advantage to men in this particular business skill. This makes them great negotiators and well equipped to expand their network and sphere of influence to grow their businesses.

Women Want Freedom and Flexibility

Being an entrepreneur is by no means an easy job, but it is rewarding. One such reward is the ability to own your time and be your own boss. Motherhood creates the need for flexibility for a great many women, and entrepreneurship provides an avenue for that freedom. Many women entrepreneurs have even made it a family affair, and launched businesses that target children or other mothers, allowing them to blend their businesses and family lives.

 Women Problem Solve Differently

 When women are faced with challenges, they’re more likely to seek outside counsel to solve them. They’re more open to accepting opinions outside of their own and finding alternative solutions. This is a vital and important skill in the world of entrepreneurship, where getting ahead often means taking a non-linear path.


Despite, all the reasons why entrepreneurship is a natural fit for women, the numbers aren’t as high as they should be. Inc. also reported that 48 percent of women entrepreneurs found the lack of female mentorship to be a determining factor.

I understand the importance of having the right mentor for your business as I faced my own struggles with launching a business.

As women in business, we face unique challenges, but that’s not reason enough to be deterred. The right mentor or business coach can help navigate these challenges smoothly, and guide you on the right path to entrepreneurship.