Why Women Are Unhappy in Their Corporate Jobs

Why So Many Women Are Unhappy in Their Corporate Jobs

Are you happy with your job right now? Odds are, if you’re like the majority of American women, you’re not quite satisfied with your job.

Why is that?
Well, there are several reasons why many women are dissatisfied with their jobs. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Lack of opportunity
Sadly, even if you’re going above and beyond in your work, for many women advancement or other exciting careers opportunities seem perpetually out of reach.

Lack of challenging work
If you feel your job is boring, you may be wishing for more interesting and challenging work. People are happier when their work allows for and appreciates their skills and hard work.

Lack of flexibility
In today’s world, job flexibility is more important than ever. However, most corporate jobs don’t offer much flexibility to their workers, which may be making you feel restless or even trapped in your job.

Lack of purpose
If you’re like many women in corporate fields, you may wake up with dread each weekday. If you feel like there’s no higher purpose to your work it’s hard to feel like you’re doing something worthwhile, which in turn, makes for some depressing thoughts as you scarf down your 15-minute lunch.

I know that I experienced all of these “lacks” myself in my own corporate pharmaceutical job. These “lacks” started to affect my life outside of work, making me dispirited, physically tired, and putting a damper on my Sundays because I spent the whole day dreading Monday.
I don’t think anyone should have to live like that.

That’s why I decided to quit my job and start my own business. It’s been the most liberating things I’ve ever done in my life. Yes, entrepreneurship has its difficult spots, but those “lacks” are filled in and my life has more meaning and satisfaction!

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